Open Engagement 2017

I was in Chicago this weekend participating in the 10th edition of Open Engagement, the largest artist-led conference in the U.S. It was great! I organized a panel presentation/discussion around the need for greater involvement of artists within urban planning initiatives, especially initiatives related to cultural policy and place-making. I was grateful to be joined by some good friends and seasoned experts on the subject.

Here’s the brief from the conference catalog:

What’s the Plan? Artists, Planners and New Models for Civic Decision-Making

Eric Leshinsky, Lynn Osgood, Henry G. Sanchez, Carrie Schneider, Ben Stone

This panel will explore the potential for a more inclusive approach to civic decision-making as it relates to artists and cultural policies. Working as artists, planners, and organizers, the panelists bring diverse perspectives to the topic formed from years of working on efforts to better integrate artists into the political frameworks that guide many of the decisions for how cities leverage the arts, allocate resources for the arts and otherwise attempt to shape the cultural landscape.